New updates on TTM design!

You may have noticed that I made some small changes to the design of the website. There has also been a new page added as well.

There has been an additional layer added to the top of the header section. This area hosts our static pages as well as links to our social media. You may also notice that a YouTube social media icon has been added. 😉 Go subscribe! Videos and livestreams are coming soon!

The “Advertise with us” link that appeared under our header advertisement has been removed. This was ugly and cluttered. Instead we have included a link to the advertisement request form in the new header navigation and in the footer navigation. This makes it far less of an obstruction.

Changes have also been made to the way posts are now displayed. The sidebar has been removed. This was done to remove clutter and put more focus on the content being presented.

Links in the footer have also been altered. Social icons are now square and colorful. The website menu in the footer has also been updated with more links.

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Other less significant changes have also been made to increase the readability and overall feel of the website. If you notice any of them, let me know below! I’ll give one of them away, blockquotes have been updated. Font size and font weight were reduced to make them more readable and to make them flow better with the content.

We will continue to make progress and update our website.

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Nolan M
I am a 29 year old developer, trader, and crypto enthusiast from Indiana, USA. I am the owner and sole blogger on TTM right now. I have been developing websites for over 10 years and have been writing for over 5. I have a big interest in cryptocurrencies, politics, and trading. I'm a lover of all things technology. I also love technical analysis and charting. Numbers and patterns have always drawn my attention. Be sure to follow me on Steem, Twitter, and YouTube! Also, don't forget to subscribe to receive TTM notifications! Link is up top, on bottom, and in the sidebar on the home page.