How to earn crypto blogging on Publish0x.

So, what is Publish0x?

The easiest way to explain Publish0x is that Publish0x is a crypto agnostic publishing platform similar to Steemit and Medium, where both author and reader earn.

Publish0x has a focus on cryptocurrency related content. But, they also have post categories for non-crypto related content as well! Currently, Publish0x is paying out rewards in BasicAttentionToken (BAT), DAI Stablecoin, and Hydro.

Below is a summary of how Publish0x works. Note: Most of this information here is copy/pasted from their website. I think their explanations of how everything works would be more adequate than doing it myself. I have made some tweaks and added in a few things myself though. Users can earn crypto in three different ways:

1. Earn Crypto by Reading/Curating

I don’t expect you to believe this, but just try it and see… they supply the crypto. 😉 You don’t need to own any cryptocurrency to use the Publish0x platform. Both the author and the reader earns on Publish 0x – yes you earn cryptocurrency while you read! This makes Publish0x an excellent “on-ramp” for non-techies and newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry.

How it works is that we give you the tip and you choose how much to allocate to the author and how much to keep! You can give out 6 tips per day and they decrease in value. Just look for this sliding tipper at the bottom of every post after you have logged in! It will look just like this…

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Publish0x tipper example.

2. Earn Crypto by Blogging – Become a Publish0x Author *Still in Beta (blogging by invite only)

Authors earn crypto when readers tip them (tips are free for both readers and authors) via the tipper found at the bottom of the page.

While anyone can register, read, and give tips to authors on Publish0x, the only way to become a publisher (for now) is to fill out a simple application or get a direct invite from their team.

Publish0x states that, “We approve only authors that we believe will create share-worthy posts that will bring true value to our readers.”

Neat right!? So how can they do this for “free”?

How does Publish0x pay for this?

Once an advertiser sends us funds, they will be able to set their own rates per tip. The higher rates per tip they set compared to other tokens / projects / advertisers, the bigger the chance the next tip a user makes will be in the token from that particular advertiser.

Tip values are measured in USD, but users will earn tips in the advertisers token(s)While setting rates per tip, an advertiser will be able to see what the chance is that the next tip will be in their token.

So future advertisers/tokens can really get maximum exposure when they have important news by turning up the rate they pay out per tip. On the other hand, they can choose less exposure over a longer time period if they choose to pay less per tip.

When I say paying more or less per tip, it is comparable to what other projects / advertisers are paying out at that moment in time.

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3. Earn Crypto by Sharing Great Articles

Become a Publish0x Ambassador and earn crypto by sharing great articles to people who love to read them!

Benefits of Being a PaperDrips Ambassador:

  • Earn 5% of every tip claimed via the tipper by the audience you bring in.
  • Upcoming leaderboards and competitions for most active ambassadors.
  • Access to (upcoming after beta) paid/bountied articles first.

p0x ambassador - How to earn crypto blogging on Publish0x. - 3

Ambassadors can use their ambassador (referral) link and get rewarded for sharing great content from Publish0x by attaching their ambassadors to ANY of the articles on Publish0x. When ambassadors share those articles on social media, on their blogs or other platforms, all users who sign up through that link become the ambassadors referrals.

What sets Publish0x apart?

Other “crypto blogging” platforms, such as Steem, are powered by their own token only, and the balance of power lies with the founders and the biggest stake holders of their own token. Publish0x is crypto agnostic – currently the tips are in Basic Attention Token (BAT), DAI, Bounty0x, and Hydro. More ETH-erc20s will be added in a future update!

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Publish0x Infographic
Publish0x Infographic

Publish0x takes a lot of shots at Steem on their website. So, as a Steem user myself, I think it’s only fair to give them a head-to-head comparison, right? So, stay tuned for my upcoming post on Steem vs Publish0x!

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