Paid Content Coming to

By June, paid content will be available to everyone on Paid content will also be getting presentation and user-experience love.

We recognize the most valuable paid content experience for creators (and viewers!) involves making it easier to use local currencies and other digital currencies. This post isn’t about that topic, but you can expect news on that soon, too.

Creators: beta test paid content, get subsidized sales and promotion from LBRY Inc.

We’ll be beta testing paid content in a little over a week (targetting Tuesday, May 19th). As part of that test, elgible creators can have the purchase entirely or partially subsidized by us.

To be eligible you must:

  • Have over 100 rewards-eligible followers (view your Rewards area for the exact count)
  • Fill out this short form
  • Publish something directly to LBRY (that’s never been published to LBRY before), put a price on it, and tag it #lbrytvpaidbeta

We’re not revealing the exact rules on subsidies and reimbursements until the start of the program, but lower priced content is more likely to be entirely subsidized.

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#lbrytvpaidbeta will be on the homepage throughout the beta, and we will share your content on our social media channels directly and in a roundup post to our main channel.

Everyone: beta test paid content to support creators and get free stuff

We’ll be beta testing paid content in a little over a week. As part of that test, everyone are eligible for some free and heavily discounted paid content from creators.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be signed in to in your app(s)
  • Be eligible for Rewards
  • Be following at least one creator participating in the beta (ask your favorite creators to participate!)
  • Use LBRY 4 times between today, Friday, May 8th and Monday, May 18th

Anyone who meets the above will see changes to their Rewards area the week of May 18th that will allow reimbursement of 50 to 100% of the price of content purchases.

Will paid content provide digital rights management?

Paid content on LBRY provides digital rights management in the sense that content purchases record your right to access the content on the LBRY blockchain, forever.

Paid content on LBRY is not digital rights management in the sense that we promise to prevent re-distribution of your content. When a user purchases content on LBRY, that currently includes the right to download the original file, with no restrictions.

For more technical details on paid content, a future post will be made on @lbrytech. You can also consult Proof of Payment in the offical LBRY specification.

Sum it up, please

  • Paid content, which is currently only available via LBRY Desktop and Android, will be made available to all users by the end of May.
  • We will also be improving access to LBC.
  • There will be a paid content beta on, that will allow participants to get free or heavily discounted content.
  • Creators who want to participate must complete this short form.
  • Viewers who want to participate must use LBRY 4 times between May 8th and May 18th

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