What is Nimiq – The browser based blockchain!

What is Nimiq?

Nimiq is a browser based cryptocurrency written in Javascript. Nimiq takes advantage of technology every computer uses. The approach they take is simple, easy, and fast with a goal of becoming a simple means of payment and money transfer.

Nimiq is a non-profit and open source project founded by some, developed by many and owned by none.
Uncompromised decentralization, open source and a strong focus on simplicity are Nimiq’s commitments.
It is a community-driven project developed by a multinational and tech-oriented team.

Conventional cryptocurrencies are complicated and counterintuitive for the average person to use. True decentralization is impossible if access to blockchain technology is limited to only technically oriented people. Until blockchain can be picked up with general recognition and general usage, its true power remains unrealized.

Nimiq is designed to be used by the masses.

The key to Nimiq lies in its unique blockchain protocol, it is the only blockchain created and designed specifically for mass adoption.

Nimiq is designed with simplicity and mass adoption in mind:

  • Blockchain data is compact at 1MB through implementation of mini blockchain scheme. Synchronize in seconds with any device.
  • Written in JavaScript, which is the native language of the World Wide Web. Hence no additional software installation is required.
  • Near instant transaction time with off-chain transactions implemented in the Nimiq protocol.

The vision of widespread accessibility and adoption is completed through the ecosystem enabled by this protocol. A miner interface that anyone can use with any browser on any device. A browser wallet made even more accessible than conventional wallet apps. And a global, web-based p2p exchange that makes exchanging Nimiq into local currency easy, fast and cheap.

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Nimiq architect and creator, Robin Linus, stated: “The success of projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven the enormous transformative potential of Blockchains. But yet, you still can’t pay for your coffee with cryptocurrencies. Nimiq is a next-generation blockchain changing that by introducing the missing ingredient for mass adoption: Simplicity.”

Examples of the way Nimiq can be used are the following:

  1. Webmasters can easily embed Light Clients into their webpages to use the Nimiq Network as payment gateway as frictionless as Paypal or Visa.
  2. Content Providers can monetize the time users spend in their site by mining Nimiq with their device’s unused processing power while they browse through content.
  3. Timestamping documents with ease – usability improved orders of magnitude beyond other blockchains.
  4. Nimiq can be used as the backbone for the integrity of databases to create peer-to-peer web services such as decentralized versions of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Nimiq’s prime mission is to establish peer-to-peer connectivity for fast and simple transactions, and it is an open source payment protocol. If you are curious about what nimiq is and what make it so useful, take some time to visit their website and give it a try.

Nimiq Roadmap


Q4 2019

  • Nimiq 2.0 Testnet
  • Release of the Nimiq 2.0 Testnet to show-case the performance of Nimiq 2.0 and enable devs to start working on the new blockchain.
  • Testing Nimiq OASIS
  • A testing release of Nimiq OASIS is planned for Q4 2019.
  • Nimiq multi-currency checkout
  • Nimiq Checkout will be available with NIM, BTC and ETH while Nimiq OASIS will allow Euro to directly arrive in the merchant’s bank account. A first full roundtrip is planned for Q4.
  • NimiqID


  • Nimiq OASIS release
  • Nimiq Checkout large integration
  • Nimiq 2.0 Mainnet
  • Recurring payments
  • Considered for 2020
  • Multi-sig features for SafeSynced contact book
  • Private key syncing

Website and Exchanges

Website: https://nimiq.com/

Exchanges: KuCoin and HitBTC

What do you think of Nimiq? Have you ever heard of this project? If not, are you going to check it out?

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