EOS social media platform Voice announces beta release date!

Voice, a social media platform first unveiled by EOS creator Block.One in June, announced that it will launch in beta on February 14, 2020. Voice announced the beta launch date in a blog post published by the project on Dec. 5. The firm also promises that it will share its progress with the community as the development goes on.

What’s new in Voice?

The platform also plans to “cycle value” back to the users in the form of its own tokens. Overall, the firm presents itself as a social platform aiming to solve the problems afflicting its already active counterparts, such as data auctioneering and hidden algorithms. Voice claims that the initiative will attempt to solve the interest misalignment afflicting current platforms:

“We believe Voice is social as it should be — where what’s good for the platform is also good for you.”

The problem with current social media

The Block.One blog post explains the motivation behind the project’s development and cites an explanation of Block.One chief technical officer Daniel Larimer which was issued about half a year ago to an audience in Washington D.C. Quoting from Dan’s speech at the D.C. keynote:

“Social media is broken. Designed to use us, our data and attention is harvested into trillion dollar profits for large corps, big tech, banks, and Wall Street interests, while we struggle to protect ourselves against the consequences of having our attention auctioned to anonymous parties, and our personal information traded on the open market. This misalignment of interest between us and the platforms we once trusted continues to increasingly expose us to data profiling, identity theft, cyberbullying, and persuasive misinformation. It’s never been more difficult to know what is real amongst the growing sea of manufactured propaganda intended to manipulate our thoughts and control our behavior.”

During the event, Larimer also explained that such a misalignment of interest between the platforms and its users increasingly exposes the public to data profiling, identity theft, cyberbullying, and persuasive misinformation. According to him, manufactured propaganda aiming to manipulate public opinion, which flourishes on social media platforms, makes it harder than ever to know what is real.

“Voice Tokens are earned by being you, and expressing your voice; they possess the utility of attention, and can be used to elevate content in different ways throughout the ecosystem. In other words, we believe Voice is social as it should be—where what’s good for the platform is also good for you.”

What’s next?

Voice claims that thousands have already signed up to take part in its beta testing (I have myself, actually). The firm also admits that the initiative is still plagued by regulatory uncertainty and that it is still working with regulators to ensure compliance.

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The legal environment is still evolving, and the joining of blockchain, tokenization, and social media is relatively uncharted territory. Block.One claims to be in the midst of an ongoing, open conversation with legislators and regulators to make sure Voice is ready for users. They have also recently opened up an office in the Washington D.C. are and are expecting to employ over 100+ people at the location. Some of those positions may tie directly into the involvement of B1 in D.C.

In their blog post, Block.One says that between now and the beta launch, they will be sharing their journey. They say they will be blogging their journey. The challenges, regulatory updates, stories, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks and more. Below is the direct quote from the blog.

“Between now and then, we want to share our journey with all of you. Industry change doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum either. Voice won’t become everything it can be without your involvement, scrutiny, and feedback, at every stage of the process. So consider this blog an open invitation. Our latest findings. Our biggest challenges. Stories from Dan and the developers. Regulatory updates and behind-the-scenes peeks. We’re putting it out there, expecting change, so you can join us in walking this road to beta. Talk soon. “

We will be keeping up with the progress of the Voice application as news continues to come out on the way to the beta launch. 2020 should be a great year for the cryptocurrency space as we are seeing many projects being completed, others maturing, and many more just starting.

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